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Frame 28.1 – Writing the Self | May 2015

A far cry from young Werther’s letters, in recent years digital platforms have become preferred spaces for self-expression. As these new methods of presenting and representing the self have started to develop, “traditional,” paper-based writings seem to have given way to more immediate, interactive, and democratic forms of self-representation online. In this new issue, Frame, takes on a comparative angle to investigate the many existing claims and popular assumptions surrounding new acts of self-writing. What are some of the differences, similarities, and continuities between “old” and “new” forms of self-expression? How do new digital textualities influence the position of the writing subject? Do we perhaps need to revise prevalent notions of authorship and readership?

Writing the Self 
alters between theory and practice to interrogate personal, ethical and political dimensions concerning new digital textualities. In this volume, we investigate the possibilities and limitations of contemporary platforms for self-writing by wondering: how do these new spaces deviate, and how do they facilitate the expression of identity—or, more pressingly, the formation thereof?


Paul John Eakin | Self and Self-Representation Online and Off
Abstract and PDF

Sara Rosa Espi | Vulnerability Disclosures: Zine Writing in the Age of New Media
Abstract and PDF

Jessica Pressman | The Posthuman Reader in Postprint Literature: Between Page and Screen
Abstract and PDF

Laura Shackelford | Writing Touch at the Interface: Luxuria Superbia’s Exploratory Play with Self-Writing
Abstract and PDF

Laurie Ouellette and Jacquelyn Arcy | “Live Through This”: Feminist Care of the Self 2.0
Abstract and PDF

David Marshall | Monitoring Persona: Mediatized Identity and the Edited Public Self
Abstract and PDF


Hannah Ackermans | From Letters to Vlog Entries: Truthfulness as a Literary Trope in Fictional Life Writing
Abstract and PDF

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