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Frame 21.2 – Censuur | November 2008


Main Articles

Antoon de Baets | Power, Freedom and the Censorship of History
Abstract and PDF

Nicholas J. Karolides | Suppression of Thought: Political Bans and Societal Constraints
Abstract and PDF

Andrew Hadfield | Censorship in Renaissance England: The Fate of Edmund Spenser
Abstract and PDF

Francesca Billiani | Aesthetic Censorship? Readers’ Reports from Fascist Italy
Abstract and PDF

Elisabeth Ladenson | Proust, Self-Censorship and the Representation of Homosexuality
Abstract and PDF

Bram Ieven | Machine, poëzie en kapitaal: Een involutie op het werk van Félix Guattari
Abstract and PDF


Kim van Kaam | Who is the Agent? Power Constructs in Mediated Memory
Full PDF

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