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Frame 20.1 – Engagement | May 2007


Main Articles

Casey Haskins | Literature, Autonomy and the Complexity of Aesthetics
Abstract and PDF

Anouk van der Pluijm | Hedendaags Engagement. Grote Ideeën in het Klein
Abstract and PDF

Marrigje Paijmans | De Zelfkant van de Ander
Abstract and PDF

Luc Rasson | Engagement als (Zelf)onthulling: Over Jonathan Littels Les Bienveillantes
Abstract and PDF

Charles Altieri | Why ”Appreciation” Ought to Be Revived as a Model for the Study of the Arts
Abstract and PDF


Emily Miles | Redrawing the Lines of Foreclosure: The Possibilities Presented by a Bakhtinian Outlook on the Novel
Abstract and PDF


Yra van Dijk | Merijn Schipper. Leegte, leegte die ademt. Het Typografische Wit in de Moderne Poezie (2006). 

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