29.1 | Niels Springveld

Europe Degree Zero: Community, Inoperativity, and Storytelling in Pieter de Buysser’s De keisnijders Abstract This article considers Pieter de Buysser’s recent speculative novel De keisnijders (2012) from the perspective of the post-structuralist rethinking of the idea of Europe and the concept of community, as undertaken by Jacques Derrida and Jean-Luc Nancy respectively. Set halfway into… Continue reading 29.1 | Niels Springveld

29.1 | Talitha Hunnik

Masterclass | Countering European Aphasia of the Porajmos: Dites-le avec des Pleurs as Autoethnography Abstract This article is concerned with European aphasia of the Porajmos (that is, the Nazi genocide of those labelled as Gypsies), the inability to link past antiziganism to the present, and how the Romani author Matéo Maximoff attempted to overcome this… Continue reading 29.1 | Talitha Hunnik

29.1 | Anouk Zuurmond

Shared Stories and Creative Dissonances: How Can Literature Contribute to Current Reflections on European Identity? Abstract Over the past years, European cultural organizations have initiated several transnational literary projects to reflect on what binds Europeans together. As part of a research project that examines what role these literary projects play in the debate on European… Continue reading 29.1 | Anouk Zuurmond

29.1 | Susanne C. Knittel

The Ruins of Europe: Milo Rau’s Europe Trilogy and the (Re)Mediation of the Real Abstract This paper takes Milo Rau’s Europe Trilogy as a prism through which to examine the potential of theater as a medium not only for political and social critique, but also for presenting an alternative European imaginary and community of memory.… Continue reading 29.1 | Susanne C. Knittel

29.1 | Christoph Parry

Rethinking Europe: Overcoming National Confines in Twentieth-Century Literature Abstract This paper deals with the relationship between national and supranational literary contexts drawing on Pascale Casanova’s idea of a “World Republic of Letters” with its give and take between centre and periphery. James Joyce and Joseph Roth are then discussed as cosmopolitan authors who for different… Continue reading 29.1 | Christoph Parry

29.1 | Iain Chambers

Europe, Where Are We Now? Abstract This short essay seeks to consider the present crisis of Europe in the light of its constitutive colonial formation. The argument is made that such a past is not over; rather it continues to shape the polity and culture of contemporary Europe. Both institutional and informal responses to modern… Continue reading 29.1 | Iain Chambers