35.2 | Yuqi Khoo

Coffeeshop Discourse: An Exercise in Creative Writing in Search of Meaning Academic writing can, at times, lead to more obfuscation than clar- ity for students, which this paper attempts to solve through using creative writing as a method. This experimental approach makes theories accessible by reframing the discussion in a more approach- able format. It… Continue reading 35.2 | Yuqi Khoo

35.2 | Judith Hendriksma

Persephone Screams, and We Listen: An Analysis of Sound in the Homeric Hymn to Demeter This paper analyses the thematic interactions with sound, dialogue, and the metapoetics of performance in the myth of the rape of Persephone as recounted in the Homeric Hymn to Demeter. A product of the ancient Greek oral tradition, this text… Continue reading 35.2 | Judith Hendriksma

35.2 | Florien Kijlstra

How Beale Street Talks and Whispers: The Political Soundscapes of James Baldwin’s Novel Through the critical application of Angela Leighton’s recently published sonic framework Hearing Things: The Work of Sound in Literature (2018), this article shows how in his novel If Beale Street Could Talk (1974) James Baldwin uses sound to compose a socio-political soundscape… Continue reading 35.2 | Florien Kijlstra

35.2 | Ben de Bruyn

Bad Vibrations: Tone and Translation in The Animals in that Country This article focuses on Laura Jean McKay’s The Animals in That Country (2020), a prize-winning novel that responds to the interlocking crises of the Anthropoceneand the Phonocene by reworking the traditional animal fableand the motif of the speaking animal. Drawing on the work of… Continue reading 35.2 | Ben de Bruyn

35.2 | Foreword

Listening to the Sonic Life of LiteratureBy Kelly van der Meulen & Sven Verouden This issue focuses on cross-disciplinary understandings of sound and silences in literature. In Western literary tradition, literature has traditionally been thought of as a silent medium, but this overlooks the way literature can give a voice to its authors, or the… Continue reading 35.2 | Foreword

35.2 “Sounding Literature”

The articles in this issue will become open access in the Winter of 2024. Main articles Kelly van der Meulen & Sven Verouden | ForewordAbstract Ben de Bruyn | Bad Vibrations: Tone and Translation in The Animals in that CountryAbstract Gerlov van Engelenhoven | Powerful Silence as a Decolonizing Writing Strategy in Maria Dermoût’s De… Continue reading 35.2 “Sounding Literature”

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35.1 | Esther Eumann

“Kitchens Will Be Abolished”: An Exploration of How Traditional Female and Societal Norms Are Reisted Through Food in Brigitte Reimann’s Franziska Linkderhand and Karin Struck’s Klassenliebe This paper explores how traditional societal and female norms are resisted through food in Karin Struck’s Klassenliebe (1973) and Brigitte Reimann’s Franziska Linkerhand (1974). The role of food will be investigated through… Continue reading 35.1 | Esther Eumann

35.1 | Carla Kay

Remembering Eating: Cultural Memory and Identity Formation in Three Culinary Memoirs of the Middle East This paper examines three culinary memoirs of the Middle East from the past twenty years and highlights them as alternative media for transcultural identification and memory formation. By analyzing how authors align recipes, food memories, and personal narratives; and referencing… Continue reading 35.1 | Carla Kay