Editorial board


Kelly van der Meulen
is pursuing the RMA Comparative Literary Studies at Utrecht University, where her research interests include ecocriticism, cultural memory and utopianism. Previously she obtained the MA Literature Today, where she interned at a major publishing house, and the BA Comparative Literature. Her current research concerns flood narratives and environmental memory.

Kees Müller
is in his first year of the RMA Comparative Literary Studies at Utrecht University. He holds a BA in Philosophy and English Language and Culture. His previous research has focused on the ontology of power and biopolitics in dystopian fiction, and on the function of concepts such as anthropocentrism, commodity fetishism and species-being in Timothy Morton’s ecophilosophy. His current interests include the intersection between literature and philosophy, critical theory, deconstruction, Object-Oriented Ontology, and different epistemologies concerning the nature of fiction.

Editorial Staff

Suzanne Balm
is a first-year student of the RMA Comparative Literary Studies at Utrecht University. She completed her BA in Language and Culture Studies, during which she focused on Gender Studies, Postcolonial Studies and English Literature. Her interests include activism, sustainability, and bridging the gap between research and society.

Thomas van Gaalen
is currently in his second year of the History Research Master programme at Utrecht University. He previously received a BA in history and an MA in cultural history. His research projects depart from a post-Marxist cultural historical and conceptual historical background and focus on the way socio-political movements re-articulate and rearrange pre-existing historical narratives and ideas in an attempt to counter structural inequality and the effects of capitalism.

Marrit Dide Meinema
is a recent graduate of the RMA Comparative Literary Studies programme at Utrecht University. She is currently working as a marketing trainee for Amsterdam University Press. She holds a BA in English Language and Culture. Her current research explores the exclusion of experimental women’s writing, feminism and art writing. Her other research interests include animal studies and the intersection between postcolonialism and ecocriticism.

Justin Scholtze
is a graduate of the Media Studies: Cultural Analysis master at Leiden University, and holds a BA in Film and Literary Studies with a specialisation in literature. During his studies he focussed mainly on modernist literature, with an occasional divergence to pop culture, most often making use of an ecocritical approach. Besides that he interests himself in the relation between philosophy and literature.

Sven Verouden
is currently enrolled in the RMA Comparative Literary Studies at Utrecht University. After majoring in English Language and Culture and minoring in Gender Studies, Sven is interested in the field of transgender studies, the various ways in which marginalized people write and fight back and the connections that exist between scholarship and activism.

Marit van de Warenburg
is a second-year student of the Research Master Comparative Literary Studies at Utrecht University. She holds a BA in English and German Language and Culture, specifically focusing on intertextuality and education. Her interests include cultural memory studies, feminism and affect theory.