36.1 | Vlinder Verouden & Anasuya Virmani

Interview: Feeling Land Sick with Nikolaj Schultz

On a Tuesday afternoon that is slowly bleeding into evening, the April sun is warming our digital faces on a video call with Nikolaj Schultz, PhD candidate at the University of Copenhagen and author of the recently published auto-ethnographic work Land Sickness. Later in this interview, the sociologist describes this text as ‘literary sociology’ rather than ‘sociological literature’, emphasising his academic training despite the fact that us literary f(r)iends were impressed with the ways in which the book is constructed narratively, weaving striking metaphorical imagery throughout. As the digital connection settles in, we are ready to travel with the scholar through the various terrestrial and theoretical places that the protagonist crosses in the novel and explore what being land sick might mean in the context of constant climate emergencies.