33.1 | Exposition

Further Reading Shaw, Debra BenitaPosthuman Urbanism: Mapping Bodies in Contemporary City SpaceRowman & Littlefield Publishers, 2017ISBN: 978-1-7834-8079-1 The World Health Organisation estimates that, by 2030, six out of every ten people in the world will live in a city. But what does it mean to inhabit the city in the twenty-first century? Posthuman Urbanism evaluates… Continue reading 33.1 | Exposition

33.1 | Nicholas Burman

An Eruption of Fragmentary Impressions: Exploring the Spectral Narrator in Martin Vaughn-James’ The Cage More than an aesthetic depiction of ruins, Martin Vaughn-James’ 1975 comic The Cage alerts one to the possibility of an urban environment overwhelming a narrative agent. This article draws on The Cage’s narratological tactics as well as hauntology in order to… Continue reading 33.1 | Nicholas Burman

33.1 | N.F. Hartvelt

The Urban Intersection: Resisting Control in the City of Mirror’s Edge Catalyst This article examines environmental storytelling in the 2016 video game Mirror’s Edge Catalyst, which is set in an urban control society. The article discusses the link between ‘the urban’ and ‘the control society,’ paying attention to the digital aspect of (urban) control mechanisms… Continue reading 33.1 | N.F. Hartvelt

33.1 | Judith Naeff

Time, Space and Subaltern Phenomenology in the Documentary Film Essay Taste of Cement This article analyses how the film essay Taste of Cement by Ziad Kalthoum portrays Syrian construction labourers in Lebanon. It shows that the film’s evocation of sensory experience makes two important contributions to the way we conceive of cities in general, and… Continue reading 33.1 | Judith Naeff

33.2 | Floris Paalman

An Ontology of City, Art, and Time: Plotting the Work of Fra Paalman This article examines the artistic work and practice of Fra Paalman in order to rethink the relationship between art and the urban environment. It attempts to move away from the concept of urban art as capturing a fragment of a certain time… Continue reading 33.2 | Floris Paalman

33.1 | Daniela Vicherat Mattar

Public Space as a Border Space: Social Contention and Street Art in Santiago Post-18/O In October 2019, massive demonstrations took place in the streets of Santiago, Chile. The demands were varied, addressing several aspects of the acute social inequalities that characterise Chilean society. Protests were met with a brutally violent response by the police forces… Continue reading 33.1 | Daniela Vicherat Mattar

33.1 | Simon Oxholm Roy and Jeff Diamanti

The Bifurcation of Amsterdam’s Terminals and Tourists: Urgenda and Beyond This essay provides a visual and historical analysis of Amsterdam City and the terminal landscape of Westpoort in order to detail the aesthetic, discursive, and material entanglements of global logistics to the cultural imaginary of Amsterdam. By taking the recent victory of Stichting Urgenda over… Continue reading 33.1 | Simon Oxholm Roy and Jeff Diamanti

33.1 | Kaixuan Yao and Max Casey

Foreword Titled “Perspectives of Urban Studies,” this issue of FRAME features articles that share in making apparent what is lying below the surface of urban existence. Through analyzing the spatial-visual-material regime of the city (Vicherat Mattar; Roy and Diamanti; Burman), and the cultural representation and artistic remediation of urban living (Naeff; Paalman; Hartvelt; Burman), these… Continue reading 33.1 | Kaixuan Yao and Max Casey